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          Enjoy bear viewing, fishing, a Backcountry Adventure or "Call of the Wild" a meal at a lodge or on a remote lake.

                     On any excursion look for Dall sheep, moose, bears, birds, marine wildlife, rivers, lakes and dense forests.

Our pilot and guide will keep you informed about the sights over the aircraft's intercom system and headsets.

Mt. McKinley 

View North America's highest peak in a pristine wildeness environment. Fly over  the Susitna River Valley  towards  Denali National Park, where the Mountain rises over twenty thousand feet. Pass through "The Great Gorge" of the Ruth Glacier with its' mile high cliffs.  Fly over Tokositna Glacier and on to the Kahiltna Glacier, one of the largest on the mountain.                     (Lake and photo stop or other extensions available.)
1 Adult - $ 1,110      2 Adults - $ 555ea      3 - 4 Adults - $ 370ea       (Approximately 3 hours)

Prince William Sound

Fly over some of Alaska’s largest tidewater glaciers, waterfalls, fjords and mountains via Portage Pass. View Prince William Sound with its natural habitat for marine animals. Also see the area where the Exxon Valdez grounded resulting in Alaska’s largest oil spill.   (Lake and photo stop or other extensions available.) 

1 Adult - $ 1,110      2 Adults - $ 555ea      3 - 4 Adults - $ 370ea      (Approximately 3 hours)

Kenai Fjords

Fly over the Arm and through Turnagain Pass to Seward, home of the Silver Salmon Derby.  Next fly over Kenai Fjords National Park, and the Harding Ice Field.  Return by way of Skilak Lake and Kenai National Moose Range.
 1 Adult - $ 1,110      2 Adults - $ 555ea      3 - 4 Adults - $ 370ea          (Approximately 3 hours)

Lake Clark

Enjoy a scenic flight, fly the Neacola volcanic  Mountain Range.  Experience the thrill as the plane slips through Lake Clark's tight pass and by its' high cliffs, look for abundant wildlife and the chilly blue waters of Lake Clark.
1 Adult - $ 1,110      2 Adults - $ 555ea      3 - 4 Adults - $ 370ea        (Approximately 3 hours) 



Knik Glacier

Fly over Anchorage and see the city, then along the Chugach Range to the Knik Glacier.  View the massive crevasses, the glacial-fed pools and Lake George with its floating icebergs.  Then return over the silty Bore Tidewaters of Turnagain Arm to Anchorage. 

1 - Adult $570      2 - Adults  $285ea      3-4 - Adults  $190ea    (Approximately 1.5 hours) 

Tordrillo Volcanoes

See the legend come alive!  Fly over the mud flats where one of the largest concentrations of waterfowl may be seen.  Pass over the many tributaries of the Susitna River to the base of Mount Susitna (the "Sleeping Lady").  Farther west Mt. Gerdine, Mt. Torbert and Mt. Spur in the Tordrillo volcanic mountain range can be viewed with their massive glaciers and aqua pools.
                                                                                      1 - Adult $570      2 - Adults  $285ea      3-4 - Adults  $190ea          (Approximately 1.5 hours) 

Blackstone Tidewater Glacier
Fly through Portage Pass and over Whittier.

 1 - Adult $570      2 - Adults  $285ea      3-4 - Adults  $190ea          (Approximately 1.5 hours) 



Chugach Mountains 

Follow the Turnagain Arm to the Chugach Mountain Range, look for rock climbers or Dall Sheep on the nearby cliffs.  As we climb above the mountains, view the many glaciers in the area.  Return to Anchorage by way of picturesque Eagle River Valley or the Arm.

 1 - Adult $390      2 - Adults  $195ea      3-4 - Adults  $130ea          (Approximately 1 hour) 

 Susitna River Valley

Take a shorter jaunt.  Fly toward Recreational  Big Lake and over to Alexander Creek (one of Alaska's best salmon fishing aeras). Return to Anchorage by the way of Mount Susitna, and  the Susitna River, to look for the wildlife.

 1 - Adult $390      2 - Adults  $195ea      3-4 - Adults  $130ea          (Approximately 1 hour) 


Turnagain Arm

Just a hop, skip and jump away, take a short scenic flight over Potter's Marsh and the Turnagain Arm. to the small gold mining community of Hope.  Return by way of Arctic Valley or Beluga Point, where there might be a chance of spotting playful whales.

 1 Adult $300    2 Adults $150ea      3-4 Adults $100ea          (Approximatley 45 minutes) 

Big Lake

A few minutes away from downtown Anchorage, take a scenic flight over Big Lake, one of the largest recreational lakes in the area.  Enroute pass over Earthquate Park and Goose Bay, much of which was formed as a result of the 1964 Earthquake.  Follow the Little Susitna River and look for the "wildlife", both fisherman and moose may be seen on your way back to Anchorage. 

1 Adult $300    2 Adults $150ea     3-4 Adults $100ea          (Approximately 45 minutes) 




Fly over the Anchorage bowl, along the Chugach Mountains, to Turnagain Arm, across to Hope and return by way of Beluga Point.

1  Adult $225      2 Adults  $113ea      3 Adults  $75ea     4 Adults   $70ea          (Approximately 35 minutes)


 Lake & Photo Stop 

On most flights, you can add a stop on a remote lake.
$ 30 per adult      (Approximately 30 minutes)

Tour Extensions

Tours can be extended to take in additional areas of interest such as Homer, Katchemak Bay, Port Alsworth, Valdez Oil Terminal, Talkeetna, Hatcher Pass/Mine or "Call of the Wild" a picnic on a remote lake.

1 Adult - $ 190     2 Adults - $ 95ea     3-4 Adults - $ 65ea                  

"CALL of the WILD"

For those of you looking for a rare treat, how about a fly in picnic on a remote lake. Feed your animal hunger, "Call of the Wild". Enjoy a low level flight to and from a lake and while enroute take in some of Alasks's picturesque backcountry.
1 Adult - $510     2 - Adults - $265ea     3-4 Adults - $185ea    (Approximately 2 hours)


Bear Viewing
Land on a remote lake to have lunch while watching Bears eat their fill of salmon.
1 Adult - $ 1,140     2 Adults - $ 580ea     3 - 4 Adults - $ 390ea     (Lunch included)

Bear/Moose/Whale Spotting
Fly over Alaska's back country, looking for bears or moose, and Cook Inlet for whales.  

1  Adult - $ 570     2 Adults - $ 285ea    3 - 4 Adults - $ 190ea



Day Fishing with Plane
Take a short flight and enjoy some of Alaska's best fishing.  Spend a day or several on a remote river or lake, fishing for salmon, trout, grayling, pike or dollies.  Experience the thrill of  hooking the "Big One."
1 Adult - $ 1,119     2 Adults - $ 576ea     3 - 4 Adults - $ 396ea 
(Includes:  Fishing gear & lunch / Raft available for an extra $ 25 per day.)

Unguided Day Fishing
1 Adult - $ 997     2 Adults - $ 516ea     3 - 4 Adults - $ 356ea
(Includes:  Fishing gear & lunch / Raft available for an extra $ 25 per day.)